Serving our co-op

Thank you to all those who served our co-op in FY21.

Protection and Perpetuation Trustees

Tony Carter (retired 14 January 2021)

Stuart Irons

John Street

Martin Wiseman

Murray Jordan (Chair)


Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee

Peter Schuyt (Chair)

Dean Waddell

Rob McGregor

Sarah Aston

Karl Marryatt


Succession, Remuneration & Nomination Committee

Dean Waddell (Chair)

Jane Freeman

Sir Henry van der Heyden

Craig McKeown


IT Governance Committee

Peter Schuyt (Chair)

Jane Freeman

Rob McGregor

Brendon Jones


Operator Development & Approval Committee

Malcolm Boyd (Chair)

Karl Marryatt

Brendon Good

Quintin Proctor

Jason Witehira

Chris Quin (Chief Executive Officer)

Wendy Hammonds (GM People & Capability)

Lindsay Rowles (GM Membership & Property)


PAK’nSAVE Banner Representation Group

Ewan Atherton (Chair)

Vinod Bhaga

Lance Gerlach

Craig McKeown (Board Rep)

Jon Morrison

Rayner Bonnington (appointed August 2020)

Nigel Ollett (appointed August 2020)

Dean Galt (stepped down August 2020)


New World Banner Representation Group

Brendon Good (Chair)

John Gray

Kym Samuels

Tony Ford

Brendon Jones (Board Rep)

Richard Lucas (stepped down August 2020)

Aaron Scanes (appointed August 2020, stepped down April 2021)

Amanda Elliot (stepped down April 2021)

Eric Rush (appointed April 2021)

Chris Lamont (appointed April 2021)


Four Square Banner Representation Group

Peter Jones (Chair)

Aaron Broadbent

Sarah Aston (Board Rep)

Glenn Wells (appointed September 2020)

Tim Jackson

Ben Moss (appointed September 2020)

Clare Gallagher

Jassie Parmar (appointed September 2020)

Sharlene Foote (appointed March 2021)

Chris Martin (stepped down September 2020)

Satish Parmar (stepped down September 2020)

Joe Dodd (stepped down September 2020)

Claire Blair (stepped down September 2020)

Andrew Howse (appointed September 2020, deceased February 2021)


Gilmours Banner Representation Group

Aaron Kedzlie (Chair)

Hamish McIntosh

Matt Humphrey

Rob McGregor (Board Rep)


Foodies Foundation Trustees

Wade Brown (Chair)

Tim Wilson

Ricky Bowen (appointed March 2021)

Julian Benefield

Maaike Gribben

Amanda Hayes

Ewan Atherton (stepped down July 2020)

Cindy Chaimowitz (stepped down January 2021)



ASB Bank Limited

Bank of New Zealand

MUFG Bank Limited

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (NZ) Limited

Westpac New Zealand Limited


External Auditors

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


Internal Auditors

Ernst & Young (EY)



DLA Piper

Ellis Gould

Hudson Gavin Martin

SBM Legal

AJ Park

Chapman Tripp