Value has never been more important to New Zealanders.

Our customers and communities are feeling the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis and we’re challenging ourselves to play our part to deliver New Zealand’s lowest food prices.

This year our focus has been on getting back to the simplicity of what we stand for (low prices) and ensuring our customer promises of ‘Sweet As’, ‘Cheap As’ and ‘Fresh As’ are at the heart of what we do.

We’ve been laser focused on our ‘Cheap As’ customer promise by working hard at keeping the cost of doing business down and helping our customers find value. In fact, our biggest success story this year has been the Rollback programme which along with New World and 4 Square collectively saved our customers $23 million.

As a result of staying true to our ‘Cheap As’ promise, PAK’nSAVE was ranked as New Zealand’s fairest company and one of the country’s top five performing companies in the 2022 Kantar Corporate Reputation Index.

Our shop floor teams worked hard to simplify prices and promotions for customers through the introduction of new business rules, ‘Everyday Low’ prices, and unit pricing as part of our Market Study commitments. This helped drive a 'Sweet As' experience for customers as they can more easily identify the best value for money in each category, on the products they want.

We also spent time improving on our ‘Fresh As’ customer promise so that we can make sure customers know we will deliver them great quality and low price produce. This focus saw a positive increase in our ‘Fresh As’ Customer Promises tracker result


Five ways we were here for customers in FY23

  1. We joined New World and 4 Square in the category review process. This ensures the products that matter most to our customers are available and easy to find at great prices.
  2. With food price inflation at record highs and household budgets under pressure, PAK’nSAVE introduced the Price Rollback initiative in May 2022. Rolling back prices of 110+ of the most shopped products to the prices they were a year earlier. This saved our customers $17million on their grocery bills over 12 months. This is just one of the initiatives to deliver New Zealander’s low food prices from our PAK’nSAVE stores each and every week.
  3. We ran a successful ‘say no to collectables’ marketing campaign to help reinforce our commitment to low supermarket prices and encouraging customers to save more during the festive season.
  4. After PAK’nSAVE Wairau Road was devastated by the Auckland floods in February 2023, the co-op and our partners came together incredibly quickly to help re-open the store and keep serving the community in their time of need.
  5. PAK’nSAVE store owners donated over $575,000 to help communities ravaged by Cyclone Gabrielle. We also launched an initiative called ‘PAK Your Pantry’ which provided practical support to around 1000 severely impacted families, who all received gift cards to help them refill their pantries and get back on their feet.

Read more of about our "PAK Your Pantry initiative: PAK’nSAVE announces ‘PAK Your Pantry’, an initiative to support communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle