This year our yellow brand continued to deliver our policy of New Zealand’s lowest food prices. After focusing on Fresh As, Cheap As and Sweet As experiences for our customers, we finished the year with customer satisfaction at 65.5%.

We also celebrated our Super Birthday, brought back cousin Snowy for Christmas, and partnered with nutritionist and mum, Claire Turnbull, to help shoppers eat well and pay less.

In a year of such uncertainty though, Stickman was the star of our show as he rallied the nation to be kind and #shopnormal. His @instickman debut on Instagram coincided with the first lockdown in FY21 in April, and his "quaran-tunes" as DJ Stickman on in-store radios helped customers to enjoy physical-distancing-related music. He also went head-to-head with the All Blacks and came out a winner with a Gold Axis Award for Creative Excellence in the Influencer category.


Five ways we were here for customers in FY21
  1. PAK’nSAVE resonated in the hearts and minds of our customers as one of the most reputable companies and a leader in fairness in the Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index 2020.
  2. We kept rolling out customer driven insights to help our store teams better understand our customers’ needs.
  3. We started trialling the new buying model in our frozen departments to see how this might work for our banner and customers.
  4. @inStickman engaged our younger audiences on Instagram, raising awareness of our low price message and where they want to shop.
  5. We were 11.89% cheaper than the competition in FY21, and increased our online share of store sales by 0.51% as more customers shopped online through lockdown.