Four Square

FY22 has been a year of highs and lows for the Four Square brand. In the same year that we achieved a strong financial result, two of our stores were devastated by fires. This year has truly highlighted the resilience of Four Square, and our ability to keep evolving along with the needs of our customers.

As Four Square gets closer to its own 100th birthday, it’s clear our continued focus on using customer insights in everything we do is supporting us to win the hearts of our customers – a sentiment which is echoed in Four Square’s score of 79.6%* on our Customer Promises Tracker.  

The results show that the customers who discovered a love for their local Four Square during the early days of COVID have continued to come back to our stores, even after the lifting of lockdown restrictions, to enjoy the Everyday Essentials, Fresh Faves and the Local Service that we’re famous for. 

We’re proud of the role we play in supporting our communities, and through our national partnership with TV One News Goodsorts we’ve found a great way to honour the people who do so much to make a difference for others and to support them in their own outreach efforts. 

*Note: the Four Square customer satisfaction score reflects the result for the period between September 2021 to March 2022.



Five ways we were here for customers in FY22

  1. We’ve started using Four Square customer data in our buying model evolution to make sure we get the right stock on shelf for our customers every time.
  2. Thirteen Four Squares started trialling Uber Eats to give customers a quick and easy way to do a last-minute contactless shop.
  3. Our new stores in Onetangi and Marsden opened in time for summer with exciting offers for our customers – including a Lewis Road milk dispenser, where you can fill a glass bottle with creamy milk, ice cream by the scoop, and a walk-in liquor chiller.
  4. We’ve breathed new life into our brand look to make sure we stay relevant to our customers and their changing needs.
  5. After the devastating fire that destroyed Four Square Waipawa, our teams pulled out all stops to open a temporary ‘pop-up’ store so we can keep serving the Waipawa community, ensuring they had access to all their everyday essentials.