FY21 was a tough year for our hospitality customers, and we're very proud of how hard our team worked to support them in maintaining their day to day business during a challenging time for the Foodservice industry. We ended the year with strong sales growth.
As part of our efforts to help our customers get back on their feet, we focused heavily on our online offering and introduced personalised marketing offers that were created specifically for their needs and purchasing behaviours. 

The team also dedicated themselves to delivering our customer promises of The Foodservice Partner I can Trust, Excellent Service and Have What I Need.


Five ways we were here for customers in FY21
  1. Gilmours supplied the ingredients for Eat My Lunch, Libelle, Kapura and a bunch of other awesome providers to feed 44,500 school kids lunch every day from the launch of the programme.
  2. We joined forces with DB’s ‘Back your Bar’ initiative for customers hit hard by COVID-19 and delivered free kegs to all DB bars to help them bring their businesses back to life.
  3. Our partnership with Fresh Connection delivered a full range of fresh prepared produce straight to our customers’ doors, saving them prep time and money off their bottom line.
  4. We enabled new customers to set up an account online so they could instantly start shopping at our Cash ‘n Carry stores, rather than having to wait to become a customer.
  5. We ended the financial year with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 51, which is well above the industry average of 30, and is hopefully a sign that our customers are happy and bouncing back after an extremely hard year for hospitality.