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As New Zealanders grapple with the rising cost of living, many are turning to Private Label products to stretch their budgets at the checkout. In fact, 443 million Private Label units passed through our supermarket checkouts across New Zealand in FY23.

Among these was Pams, which has been a firm favourite with New Zealanders for more than 85 years – offering quality products at affordable prices. To make Pams even more relevant, compelling, and accessible to all New Zealanders, the team is working on a Private Label strategy to position Pams as the go-to home hero on our shelves for customers which will ‘go live’ in FY24.

We also introduced an Artist Series – a selection of tissue box art created by emerging young New Zealand artists and designers. We partnered with three local artists to create packing for the tissues surrounding the theme of ‘New Zealand, Our Home’. We’ve had some great feedback and are proud to be able to support New Zealand artists.

Watch artist Lucy Davidson talk about her work


Own Brands remains committed to meeting our customers’ needs at the best possible prices and continues to focus on facing into the challenges presented by the rising costs of doing business. This includes everything from inflationary pressures, to supply chain disruption, ingredient sourcing and climate issues.



Five ways we were here for customers in FY23

  1. We launched over 140 new customer driven Private Label products to give more options for customers on shelf. These products included a range of Pams granolas, a full range of Pams children’s nappies and Pams plant-based mayonnaise and aioli.
  2. We donated over 20,000 nappies to the charitable trust, Pregnancy Help which provided more than a year’s supply of nappies for their practical assistance service across their seven New Zealand branches.
  3. We partnered with the social supermarket team to donate 650 Pams Christmas Meal Kits to families in need.
  4. Helped customers make healthier choices by providing Health Star Ratings on 73% of all eligible Own Brand products, reformulating our ranges so now 68% of eligible Own Brand products meet the Health Foundation’s nutritional guideline. We also improved Country of Origin labelling on fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood.
  5. We continue to make good progress on transitioning all product packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or certified home compostable by 2025. At the end of FY23 98.9% (by weight) of Own Brands packaging (retail, inner and trade unit) is reusable, recyclable or certified home compostable. Additionally, 217 Own Brands products now include Australasian Recycling Label logos on pack to support customers to recycle correctly.