Foodstuffs Own Brands

With 310 million boxes, bags, bottles or packets sold in our North Island stores from a range of just over 3,500 products, Foodstuffs Own Brands finished FY21 with record sales of $1.020 billion – up 12.1% on last year.

Our delicious Pams content, including recipes featuring only six ingredients, resonated exceptionally well with Kiwi households looking for more economical groceries during COVID-19.



Five ways we were here for customers in FY21
  1. New Zealanders hunted out value in brands they could trust during lockdown, and this led to our Own Brands growing 12.1% in FY21.
  2. As our transformational customer driven journey continues, we actively listened to our customers through research to better understand what they wanted and needed from our core Private Label brands.
  3. We committed to nailing the basics this financial year, keeping up our new product development and launching 45 new lines.
  4. Additionally, we’re working closely across the business to make sure Private Label is a first and top priority product on every shelf.
  5. We’ve made strides in the quality and corporate social responsibility (CSR) space, with robust new processes including formalised product requirements, supplier selection and guidelines. All Pams tea is now Rainforest Alliance-certified, and we’ve introduced rigorous evaluation processes and two ethical sourcing policy statements for seafood and modern slavery.