New World

It’s been another year of delivering on Fair Value, Inspiring Solutions and Awesome Experiences for our customers while responding to rapid changes in the retail environment. 

With our trademark can-do spirit we were proud to deliver exciting campaigns and continue meaningful partnerships with City Missions, the Student Volunteer Army and other organisations that helped us make a difference in people’s lives throughout these trying times. 

Last year’s Summer of SMEG was a tough act to follow but it’s safe to say that our KitchenAid stoneware campaign satisfied our customers’ cravings for beautiful and functional kitchenware. It’s clear that our initiatives have been resonating with our customers, as reflected by our strong revenue results and a score of 76.9% on our Customer Promises Tracker – a new baseline for us to improve upon!

Our New World achievements were made all the more impressive by an unprecedented, fourteen ownership changes in the store network with several new operators welcomed into their first New World store, numerous internal-brand store movements and several New World operators moving into PAK’nSAVE ownership.  





Five ways we were here for customers in FY22

  1. Our focus on value for customers really ramped up throughout FY22, highlighting Everyday Value products in most categories, and completing many category reviews through our central buying revolution, ultimately leading to improving fulfilment of our customer promises. We put through over 40% of our barcoded lines including the entire frozen department! 
  2. Once again, New World has wowed our customers with a great giveaway featuring KitchenAid stoneware. The hugely successful summer campaign saw 1.1million cookware items collected, just in time to be proudly displayed at the Christmas lunch table and for many years to follow. How ‘bout that baked brie in the KitchenAid Cocotte!?
  3. Amid the external changes, we saw new stores open in the townships of Te Kauwhata and Taumaranui, which is a pop-up store in a local sports club while we build the new site, opening later in FY23.
  4. Eight New Worlds started trialling Uber Eats to give customers a quick and easy way to do a last-minute contactless shop.
  5. We headed into a new level of Inspiring Solutions through the launch of Recipe of the Week, and Shoppable Recipes – a new feature which lets customers add ingredients to cart from the recipe in one click as well as showing its nutritional information and estimated cost. These offer customers curated meal inspiration to help answer the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”