New World

In a year like no other, New World worked hard to respond to the changing needs of our customers with a big focus on Fair Value Everyday, Inspiring Solutions and Awesome Experiences. 

We ended the year with increased sales growth on last year, customer satisfaction at 74.5% and the highest rating for customer advocacy during COVID-19 by Colmar Brunton.


We stood with New Zealand to support local suppliers through the ‘We’re your neighbours’ and ‘Buy NZ’ campaigns. As we emerged from lockdown and started the country’s recovery, we launched New World Dollars with FlyBuys, so now our Clubcard customers can earn New World Dollars across all Flybuys partners and save money on groceries. Clubcard continues to grow with more than two million members nationwide.

As things returned to a “new normal”, we gave green-fingered customers something to feel excited about by bringing back Little Garden with 24 fresh friend characters to support healthy food choices. This campaign drove strong sales results for the whole store and especially in produce.

2020 would unofficially be named the “Summer of SMEG” after our most successful campaign ever gave away more than one million SMEG knives and blocks. It captured the nation’s imagination and prompted a flood of memes and influencer coverage.


Five ways we were here for customers in FY21

  1. New World continued to deliver on our customer promises through the pandemic and worked with our communities to give them what they needed during a very uncertain time.
  2. We ran a series of amazing campaigns for our customers, from Little Garden and the launch of New World Dollars to the rocket-ship SMEG campaign which took New Zealand by storm! This delivered a stronger brand with new marketing and a brand-wide focus on the things that matter to our customers, like Everyday Value.
  3. We raised the momentum in our journey to become one of the most customer driven retailers in the world, bringing in store clusters to cater for our different customers, Symphony tools to put the right products in the right places on our shelves, and actionable insights to put customers at the forefront of everything we do.
  4. We changed the way we display the products our customers want and where they see them, focused on ‘Three Ways to Save’ while decluttering our stores to improve ease of shopping, and started working on taking our weekly circular online after printing more than one billion copies this century!
  5. We transformed the way we buy in 11 categories to bring more of what matters most to our customers on the shelf.