Despite one of the most challenging years in Liquorland’s history, where we were either closed or had limited trading hours for more than 10 per cent of the time, we’re proud to have still ended up delivering on our total revenue, basket size, transaction count and margin targets.

Everyone at Liquorland acted with integrity and grit and did the very best they could for our customers, collectively delivering a fantastic result. Revenue grew strongly versus last year, delivering a record trading year for Liquorland. While COVID-19 shut Liquorland stores, unlike supermarkets which were classified as essential services, it also had negative impacts on the on-premise sector, such as bars and restaurants, and of duty-free retail.

Through it all, our customer satisfaction rating ended up at 88% and our market growth was 3.5 times greater than the rest of the traditional liquor sector.


Five ways we were here for customers in FY21

  1. With limited locations and access to duty-free retail, Kiwis consumed alcohol differently during COVID-19 and consumed more at home. We saw increased spirit sales, both full strength and ready to drink (RTD). We worked tirelessly to meet these changing needs, resulting in our record trading year.
  2. COVID-19 forced us to move quickly to reset our business, reorganise our promotional programmes and marketing plans, and rebuild our click and collect website to deal with new trading rules.
  3. A promotional mailer after lockdown reached 970,000 households around New Zealand, giving us an incredibly fast start out of lockdown and a momentum that continued through the year.
  4. Our digital platforms on the website, Facebook and Instagram are in massive growth mode.
  5. Although being described as largely impossible, our most impressive outcome was the adjustments made to our click and collect website to deal with 100% of our trade, and managing the limits of liquor licencing.