Frequently asked questions

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What is Foodstuffs?

Foodstuffs is one of New Zealand's largest grocery retailers and distributors made up of two separate, regionally based, Owner operated cooperatives (North Island and South Island).

Find out more about:

  • Foodstuffs North Island
  • Foodstuffs South Island
  • I have a question about one of your store brands. Where should I go?

    You can visit their website to find their contact details, or you can browse their FAQ's.

    Try these useful links:

  • New World
  • Four Square
  • Gilmours
  • Liquorland
  • How do changes in COVID-19 alert levels affect my shopping experience?

    For updates on how your shopping experience might change as COVID-19 alert levels shift, visit your local stores' website:

  • Four Square - COVID-19 updates
  • New World - COVID-19 updates
  • PAK'nSave - COVID-19 updates
  • Community and social responsibility

    What is Foodstuffs doing to give back to the community?

    As one of New Zealand's largest companies and employers, we're focusing on what matters most – giving back to the communities we serve.

    Find out how we're supporting our local communities.

    Which organisations does Foodstuffs support?

    We support a range of community groups across the North Island, like:

    • Food for Thought: This free nutrition education programme for year 5 and 6 primary school students is supported by New World, PAK'nSave, and Four Square.
    • Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand: PAK'nSAVE is a long-time supporter of Breast Cancer Foundation, helping to fundraise for their Pink Ribbon Appeal each year.
    • The Starship Foundation: New World is a five-star sponsor of the Starship Foundation, a social-profit organisation that raises funds so that New Zealand’s national children’s hospital, Starship, can better care for its young patients.
    • Sea Cleaners: New World also partners with Sea Cleaners, to help clean up New Zealand’s waterways.

    In addition to Foodstuffs' national sponsorships, our local store owners know and support the needs of the communities they serve.

    Find out what our store owners have been up to in the community.

    What is Foodstuffs doing to promote healthy eating?

    Access to healthy and affordable food shouldn't be a privilege. We're influencing healthier food choices, reducing food poverty, and improving our private label brands to make this a reality.

    Find out more about our approach to healthy and affordable food.

    Who can I contact for Foodstuffs to consider supporting my community group/initiative?

    All of our stores are locally owned and operated, so please send all community support requests directly to the owner of the local store(s).


    Can I bring my own (BYO) container to your stores?

    You can use BYO containers at New World Stores in the North Island. Find out what type of container you can use, what condition it needs to be in, and more at New World website.

    What are Foodstuffs doing to protect our environment?

    New Zealand is our home. So, we're committed to operating in a way that supports our environment and protects it for future generations.

    We have a number of initiatives underway, like:

  • reducing our carbon emissions
  • minimising our waste
  • sustainably sourcing products, and
  • transforming the way we use packaging.
  • For details on these initiatives and more, check out our sustainability section.


    What roles does Foodstuffs typically recruit for?

    Whoever you are, at whatever stage of life, Foodies is the place to be. Our Co-op can provide you with a meaningful career in the exciting world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

    Our roles usually fall into three categories:

  • Corporate
  • Store based
  • Supply Chain/Distribution Centre
  • Browse job openings on our Careers Portal.

    What training opportunities are available with Foodstuffs?

    We provide a range of training programmes which are designed to give our people the skills and confidence to support our business now and into the future.

    With in-store retail-focused learning, apprenticeships, NZQA qualifications, and leadership development programs, we ensure our people have access to learning tools that support a meaningful career with Foodies.

    Learn more about Working at Foodies.

    How can I become a Foodstuffs Owner-Operator?

    Becoming an Owner-Operator in our Co-op is a rewarding career. You'll be at the heart of your community and have the opportunity to lead your store to success whilst knowing you have the support and scale of the Co-op behind you every step of the way.

    Searching, selecting, and developing future owners is one of the most important things we do.

    Find out more about Becoming an Owner.


    How can I become a supplier to Foodstuffs' North Island private label brands and/or stores?

    Building great relationships with our suppliers and partners is an important part of our goal – to help New Zealanders' get more out of life.  We welcome inquiries from suppliers, whether you're interested in supplying our private label brands or stores.

    Find out more about partnering with us.