Manaaki Kai

The first Social Supermarket of its kind in West Auckland, Manaaki Kai, was established in June 2023 in partnership with Visionwest Waka Whakakitenga, an exciting next step in their journey to build hope together through creating access to kai for West Aucklanders in a dignified and mana-enhancing way. Whānau are supported to choose the products that are right for them from a large, consistent range, in an environment similar to shopping in a standard supermarket. By working to a points ‘budget’ based on whānau size, customers make the same trade-offs as shoppers in standard supermarkets, fostering skills to empower them in that environment.

Visionwest supports approximately 60,000 people across New Zealand every year with food, housing, counselling, budgeting, healthcare, mentoring, and education. They have run a foodbank for over 30 years, helping 400 whānau each week access good kai. Opening this Social Supermarket is the next step in their kai journey, and will be complemented by their large range of wraparound services. In their words – “kai is what we do; manaaki is why and how we do it… we support others with food in a way that shows respect and generosity.”

West Auckland whānau experiencing food insecurity can connect with Visionwest to access one of many Whai Manaaki Kai services, including Pātaka Kai (emergency food parcels), Te Kapu (community lunch every Wednesday), and now Manaaki Kai (social supermarket).

For more information, visit Visionwest's website, or click on the button below to donate.