Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket

The Otumoetai Social Supermarket was established by Linkt Trust in November 2022, supporting their dream to see a connected, kai secure community in Otumoetai, a place where the community has access to affordable, abundant, safe, nutritious kai. Walking arm-in-arm with the community is the driving force behind the Ōtūmoetai social supermarket. Linkt Trust believes that strengthening and connecting the existing community support networks through the addition of a social supermarket is key in achieving food security.

They believe that everyone has something to bring to the table, getting through hardship together with a “pot-luck” rather than a “soup kitchen” approach. Linkt Trust are focusing on long-term community development not emergency relief, enhancing mana and engagement.

The social supermarket is designed to connect shoppers to wraparound support – with specially trained staff who can refer shoppers on to social workers, financial mentors, and other forms of support. The aim is to work holistically with shoppers so that one day, they won’t need the support of the social supermarket anymore.

The broad range of products on the shelves in the social supermarket enables shoppers to come in and have the dignity of choosing the products that are right for them and their whanau, so they can make the kind of meals they want to cook, shopping in an environment that looks and feels like a normal supermarket, creating an environment for whanau to thrive.

For more information, check out theirFacebook page and if you’d like to support the great work they’re doing, you can do so by pressing the button below.